Invited Lectures

Professor Haitham Abu-Rub, Texas A&M University at Qatar
Smart grid and new energy paradigm
Professor Ralph Kennel, Techn. Univ. Muenchen, Germany
Predictive Control – the Powerful Method to Control Power Converters and Drives in the Future
Professor Jacek Gieras, UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland,
Electrical machines: where are we going?

CT1: Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Distribution systems, planning and reliability. Forecasting and management. Generation systems. Modelling and simulation. Powerquality problems and measurements. Protectiverelaying. Safety, maintenance and operation.

CT2: Smart Grid Technologies & Applications
Measurement and control units for smart grid. Smart grid in buildings and ome autoation. Energy savings and financial management. Intelligent monitoring and outage management. Smart grid for plug-in veicles and low-carbon transportation. Smart grid in interdependent energy infrastructures. Smart grid for distributed energy resources.

CT3: Renewable Energy Sources and Technology
Biomass energy and geothermal resources. Distributed and co-generation systems. Energy management. ybrid power systems. Hydro power plants. Hydrogen systems and fuel cells. Marine renewable energy. Solar energy systems. Wind energy systems.

CT4: Power Electronics Controllers for Power Systems
Facts and HVDC. Grid interfaces. Filters and compensators. Custom power devices. UPS. Active power quality controllers. Voltage restorers. UPQC.

CT5: Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion

Unconventional motors and generators. Motor drives. Variable and constant speed generators. Power electronics converters for drives and generators. Motion control. Modulation techniques. energy saving and compatibility of electronical drives and generators.

CT6: EMI Problems
General problems. EMC standardization. Measurements and computation-property of the power electronics circuits. EMC improvement with new materials and elements, systems construction and protection.

CT7: Power Electronic Systems and Applications
Conventional and unconventional power electronics converters. Automotive, avionics and maritime applications. Military technology.

CT8: Intelligent Control and Automation
Process control. Intelligent systems. Sensor networks. Process automation. Network-based systems. Robot control. Mobile robotics. Tele-robotics. Image/video analysis.

CT-S: Special Sessions

The above listed topics do not exclude submission and presentation of papers from other specific fields related to the general them of the Conference.

To create your own special session please send title proposal, chair of the session and eight full text papers for the particular session.